Improving Korea's IP infrastructure

The KPAA is leading the way to advance Korea's IP infrastructure

The KPAA is engaging in diverse research activities
on domestic and foreign IP systems and policies as well as
patent attorney systems.

Improving patent attorney and IP infrastructure

· The KPAA is actively submitting opinions for the amendment of the current Patent Attorney Law so as to establish proper roles required of patent attorneys today, e.g., to support public interest and fulfill the duty of social responsibility.
· Further, the KPAA is actively participating in the amendment of relevant laws such as the Patent Law, the Trademark Law and Design Protection Law so that domestic IP system can be established and operated and foreign IP systems can be adapted in line with Korean environment.

Building networks with other institutions

· The KPAA is encouraging diverse and specialized exchanges of information as a result of building networks with domestic and foreign IP institutions, e.g., by entering into business partnership agreements

IP Value Evaluation and Appraisal

· The KPAA offers reliable and objective value evaluation of intellectual property as a result of developing IP value evaluation models.
· Further, the KPAA performs accurate appraisals of industrial property including IP upon the request of public institutions including the courts.

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