Participating in public interest activities to expand IP infrastructure

Participating in public interest activities
to expand IP infrastructure

The sharing of joy makes the joy multiply, and the sharing of knowledge
makes knowledge increase infinitely.

The KPAA provides free counseling and education as well as information
regarding intellectual property rights in order to expand the IP base in
every corner of society, and thereby raises people's awareness
of intellectual property rights and encourages
industrial development.

Free patent attorney services

· The KPAA provides help from patent applications to patent registrations to the socially disadvantaged such as students, the disabled, recipients of basic social welfare and owners of small businesses.

Free counselling and training

· KPAA members provide free counselling on intellectual property rights so as to answer questions on intellectual property rights and ensure that the precious intellectual property rights of individuals are protected.

Publication of "Patent & Trademark" and "Knowledge & Right"

· "Patent & Trademark" is a periodical publication, which was first published in 1967 and delivers information on domestic and overseas IP systems and trends.
· "Knowledge & Right" is a professional academic journal of the KPAA, which is published once a year and includes in-depth research papers on domestic and overseas IP trends, systems and policies.

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