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In today's information society, intellectual properties such as patents are of critical importance. The world now revolves around intellectual property, with Korea also working to 'obtain a "creative" economy' by strengthening its IP capabilities.

As IP capability is becoming the measuring stick for the degree of a nation's competitiveness globally, countries are rushing to become IP powers by improving their IP infrastructure and creating, utilizing, and protecting key intellectual property. Korea is currently among the world's top 5 countries in terms of the number of patent applications filed each year. If countless brilliant ideas and inventions could be re-born as quality intellectual properties, Korea would truly become an IP power! The KPAA is doing its best to build an IP environment in which the steps of creation, use and protection of intellectual property are optimized to form a fluid-moving cycle. The KPAA will be a trustworthy partner of inventors and companies so that your brilliant ideas do not go to waste and your hard-earned patents are not rendered useless.

The KPAA is a legal entity made up of patent attorneys who are experts in the IP field. For 70 years since its establishment in 1946, it has stood alongside the Korean people and Korean firms in terms of supporting Korea's effort to become an IP power. Over the years, the KPAA has made many contributions to the development of IP in Korea. Within Korea, we have worked to advance Korea's IP infrastructure by building close relationships with IP-related institutions and conducting various types of research. We also have worked to enhance the capability of patent attorneys so that people are provided with better services from patent attorneys, and we have participated in various public interest activities such as training and counseling related to IP so as to expand Korea's IP infrastructure. Furthermore, the KPAA actively interacts with countries such as the US, China, Japan and European countries who are leaders in the IP field, thereby raising Korea's status internationally. The KPAA will do its best to make an effort to ensure that patent attorneys perform their roles as IP professionals with a sense of duty so that Korea may stake its place in the world as a global IP power. We look forward to your interest and support of our vision and IP-related endeavors.

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